Welcome to Skeleton Theatre, reviving "ULNA-13" for 2013! Here is our preview from last year, featuring vocals from the show:

This year's show runs about 20 minutes and will play continuously on:

- Thursday October 31st (Halloween), from 6pm to 9pm
- Friday, November 1st, from 6pm to 9pm

We hope to get in a run-through Wednesday night October 30th at some point...but no promises.

And now, if you will pardon my crass commercialism:

We've decided to implement a "Donate" button...it's somewhat expensive to put these shows on! If you choose to help support Skeleton Theatre, Thanks!

Last year we built all new skeletons with more animation possibilities...3-axis skulls was the major change. But these improvements arrived with their own growing pains, and so this year we're concentrating on a new system for delivering power and data from the show computers in the house to the skeletons on the stage. This more robust system should help us protect our "actors" from rain-induced down time.

Last year also saw a big redesign of the web site, most evident on the Shows page and the Build page. Both of them now have videos at the top with thumbnails to the right, and then an image slideshow further down. At the bottom of the Shows page is a complete show history year-by-year, and at the bottom of the Build page is deeply technical info for geeks (like me) who want to know.

And we've joined the Facebook revolution. Last year Dave started a Skeleton Theatre page...that has some fun behind-the-scenes status updates showing bits of the 2012 build. Hopefully this year we'll add more to that page as we start to put the show together.

This is our eighth year doing Skeleton Theatre...my, how the time flies. We've gotten some nice press over the years, here are links to those pieces:

- Seattle Times article our very first year! 10-2006

- West Seattle Blog preview, video interview with Chris, 10-2008

- KUOW Public Radio interview with Chris, 10-2008

- West Seattle Blog pocket review, video clip from the show, 10-2009

- West Seattle Blog sneak peak, video interview with Chris, 10-2010

- West Seattle Blog pocket review, 2 video clips from the show, 10-2010

- West Seattle Blog review, video clip from the show, 10-2011

It's been great to have the support. If we didn't get crowds, this wouldn't be nearly as much fun!

As a treat for those of you who read all the way down the page, here's a clip of outtakes from the 2008 "Pirates" recording session.

You can see videos and pics from previous years shows on our Shows page. The Build page also has vids and pics showing how it was all done. People gets you behind the scenes with intros of the people on the Skeleton Crew, and Find Us shows you where to see the show.

Lastly, you can e-mail me (Chris) if you have questions or comments.