Welcome to Skeleton Theatre, bringing back in 2016 a crowd favorite, "The Death of Rock"!

This year we're very proud to be presenting the boys of Bonaparte. This show charts the music and the history of this all-skeleton rock band...from their days at the top of the charts in the 70's, to their fall from grace in the 90's. Ah, rock and roll.

The one big change from when we did this show in 2010 and 2011 is...well, I don't want to give it away now, do I? Suffice it to say, we're trying something completely new for Skeleton Theatre this year. Come check out the show, and we'll see how everybody likes our latest, interactive, feature!

"The Death of Rock" runs 20 minutes and will play continuously on:

- Monday, October 31st (Halloween), from 6pm to 9pm
- Tuesday, November 1st, from 6pm to 9pm

Happy Halloween! Hope you enjoy the holiday, and if you come to see the show, we hope you enjoy that too!

In the interest of full disclosure - if you've been to this site before then you've read what's below here. I've only done a minimal update above.

And now, if you will pardon my crass commercialism:

A couple of years back we decided to implement a "Donate" button...it's expensive to put these shows on! If you choose to help support Skeleton Theatre, Thanks!

In 2012 we built all-new skeletons with more animation (Dave calls them "The Mark 2's"), the new skulls especially were great! In 2013 we changed the servo control boards and the power/data delivery - which really helped with skeleton reliability.

Then this year I discovered that we'd wired the 5 volt and the 9 volt power leads to the opposite poles on the new servo boards. I'm actually amazed the skels worked at all...but this does explain some anomalous behaviours we experienced. So I'm glad to have caught THAT.

For "Beyond The Pale" we're having to build - for the first time - stunt doubles. Because of the nature of the show, we'll need four different Mason skeletons (the star), and two Katya skeletons. So we're building five new skeletons, seven skulls, and we're re-using all four of our skeletons from "Ulna-13" - though only two of their skulls.

Plus we've got a bunch of large scenery to build. We'll be setup in the use-the-entire-yard model, like our "Pirates Of The Scary Beings" shows in 2008-09. Thank goodness for scaffolding. (he said cryptically)

And just a shout-out: besides the hardcore stalwarts who've been working on this show from the beginning, we continue to get a new person or two each year who is willing to come out and help. Thank you to all y'all! Since we're all volunteers, and sometimes one year or two is enough for somebody (this show works ya hard), it's nice to get new people now and then. Thanks! And btw: those people are listed on the "People" page...eventually.

Here's a little gloat-out, and because we're tickled about it. I've always asked the best actors I know in Seattle to do the voices for our characters. Turns out New York thinks so too. From the cast pictures on the "People" page, two of those folks are on Broadway now (Don and Brandon). Nice...and we got 'em first.

We've had the Facebook page for a couple years now. We try to post behind-the-scenes updates to it occasionally during the last few frenzied weeks of build. If you post a question to it, probably somebody will answer it fairly quickly...for a given value of "fairly".

This is our ninth year doing Skeleton Theatre, yikes. We've gotten some nice press over the years, here are links to those pieces:

- Seattle Times article our very first year! 10-2006

- West Seattle Blog preview, video interview with Chris, 10-2008

- KUOW Public Radio interview with Chris, 10-2008

- West Seattle Blog pocket review, video clip from the show, 10-2009

- West Seattle Blog sneak peak, video interview with Chris, 10-2010

- West Seattle Blog pocket review, 2 video clips from the show, 10-2010

- West Seattle Blog review, video clip from the show, 10-2011

It's been great to have the support. If we didn't get crowds, this wouldn't be nearly as much fun!

As a treat for those of you who read all the way down the page, here's a clip of outtakes from the 2008 "Pirates" recording session.

You can see videos and pics from previous years shows on our Shows page. The Build page also has vids and pics showing how it was all done. People gets you behind the scenes with intros of the people on the Skeleton Crew, and Find Us shows you where to see the show.

Lastly, you can e-mail me (Chris) if you have questions or comments.