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Chris: in charge

Skeleton Life: Originator of the Skeleton Theatre concept. Designer of the arm/servo structures, creator of the audio, scriptwriter, programmer for the animation, owner of the house where Skeleton Theatre exists.

Real Life: Sound designer and composer for live theatre.


Skeleton Life: Technical Director for Skeleton Theatre. Designed and built the original stage structure with Bill. General manager of the project.

Real Life: After many years as a policeman, Dave has gone back to theatre production full-time. Working as a carpenter for the Seattle Children's Theatre, he also moonlights as a set designer and lighting designer for plays in the Northwest. He's also now a teacher of theatre at The Northwest School, on Capitol Hill. Dave excels at the sculpting and detail painting work for the Skeletons, as well as script work. Dave and Chris know each other from Cornish College of the Arts...way back in the '80s.


Skeleton Life: General carpentry and stage work, clean-up pinch hitter, video and lighting producer (read: he supplies lots of that gear). Ken was a HUGE work force for ST-2009, coming up from LA for 3 weeks of pre-Halloween work. For 2010 and 2011 Ken was in charge of all of the video gear for "The Death Of Rock". He also shoots about 95% of the still photos you see on this site. Crowd control on Halloween.

Real Life: Ken lives in Seattle now. Married to Tina. Chris, Ken, Case and Tina know each other from work at The American Repertory Theatre in Boston. Chris helped Ken drive all of his possessions across the country when Ken moved from Boston to LA in 1997.

THE SKELETON CREW: in alphabetical order


Skeleton Life: Ann was kind enough to jump in with both feet when Michael offered to design lights for "The Death Of Rock". They've worked together often and so work together well. The first year she got rained and hailed on, and a bunch of equipment was dicey...yikes. And STILL she came back with Mike for 2011! The two of them are definitely a huge asset for getting the show up on time and looking good. Also, we were able to avail ourselves of her stage manager expertise in 2012 and 2013, as Cris couldn't call the shows - so Ann stepped in and called them.

Real Life: Ann is a professional stage manager and lighting designer in Seattle.


Skeleton Life: Bianca is active in theatre as part of her real life, and really helped out with crowd control and backstage wrangling in 2013.

Real Life: Bianca and Suscha have been friends for about 10 years, although they now go to different high schools. She's helped out with lots of pieces of ST before, although this was the first year (I believe) that she was active crew on a show night. Daughter of Laurie and Darren (pictured elsewhere on this page).

Bill S.:

Skeleton Life: Lighting designer. Designed and built the original stage structure with Dave, designed the light plot and did most of the initial light programming for ST-2006. He's now in New York at Columbia University pursuing an advanced medical degree.

Real Life: Anesthesiologist. Used to be a professional lighting designer and co-wrote a textbook on light design. Knows Dave from working on many plays together in Seattle.

Bill W.:

Skeleton Life: Electronics guru. Worked on the 2007 and 2009 shows doing lots and lots of soldering, prototyping, and general carpentry/props work. In 2007 fixed a fogger, made the light sabers light up. In 2009 helped enormously by finishing off most of the relay (and other actuator) boxes. Also shoots a lot of the video of the live shows.

Real Life: Retired from INTEL in 1997. Father of Chris and Jen.

Bounce and Craig:

Skeleton Life: Bounce and Craig first helped out with the second year of "Ulna-13", in 2013. They wrapped...well I don't know how many feet of orange fiberoptic cable on a form to make a glowing machine-looking setpiece upstage. Also, they were kind enough to help take down the lights and start with stage tear-down on closing night!

Real Life: They live about three houses away and just showed up, asking if we wanted some help. Did we! (always) I'm sure they told Maia (and perhaps me) what they do in real life, but I was busy, and I don't have the foggiest idea.

Brooke: (not pictured)

Skeleton Life: Painter, skull finisher, archival photographer. Helped wherever needed in the crucial crunch time as the show loomed in 2006. Painted the "Skeleton Theatre" bone sign on the proscenium arch - while it was hailing! Finished up the outer surface work (drywall mud) for the Peter Graves skull last year. Took some of the photographs seen on this site.

Real Life: College student. Daughter of Charlie, sister of Sam.


Skeleton Life: Bryce definitely put in her time last year, in what we refer to as the sweat shop: making our Skeleton Theatre T-shirts. Usually this task falls most heavily on Maia and Tina, but in 2013 Bryce was doing lots of ironing and other fabric and silkscreen prep that I keep my nose out of.


Skeleton Life: Carpenter, stage crew. Case is one of the few people doing this who is a professional doing exactly what she does here. She does lots of building, light gear hanging, camera work, and show running backstage. Also, in 2014, she's doing a LOT of the new skeleton building.

Real Life: Case is on the stage crew at the 5th Avenue Theatre. Over the years she has been VERY valuable for Skeleton Theatre! Case, Ken, Chris and Tina all worked together in Boston at The American Repertory Theatre.


Skeleton Life: Animation specialist. Built most of the arms in 2006 with Keith. More involved in 2007, working on stage remount, new 120 amp power drop for more lights, and again, animation. For "The Death Of Rock" Charlie helped out again with some more skeleton movement and even ran one of the live cameras for a night.

Real Life: Unfortunately, Charlie passed this year. Before that, he was an automation specialist, having designed (among other things) the swinging action of the low bridge to West Seattle. Neighbor. Knows Chris through Laurie, and got pulled in to the build in 2006 due to a random phone call approximately 1 week before Halloween. Father of Brooke and Sam.


Skeleton Life: Cris came aboard in 2010 to stage manage "The Death Of Rock", a position which she reprised in 2011. I can't tell you how helpful it's been to have a pro calling the show instead of me trying to pay attention to the script while watching everything else.

Real Life: Cris is a professional stage manager based in Seattle.


Skeleton Life: Carpentry, fabricating, heavy tool loaning. Very helpful in 2008 with mast work for The Cursed Rage. Also sings on the "Bottom of The Sea" pirate song. For "The Death Of Rock" he voiced the interviewer in the "Beyond The Music" videos.

Real Life: Computer programmer, works for the Providence Hospital organization. Married to Laurie.


Skeleton Life: Programmer, sensors installer. Single handedly programmed all of the interfaces to take information from the show computer and turn it into real-time position information for the skeletons on stage. Unfortunately, most of this effort in 2006 was in vain, due to lack of reliable control over the pneumatics and sensors in the cold. Re-designed and re-programmed for 2007 for more reliable (read, working) position control. Also programmed the interface for the mini-skeleton programmer for arm movements, new in 2007.

Real Life: Programs for Google. Classic wunderkind programmer. Cousin of Chris, married to Rachel.


Skeleton Life: Lighting designer for ST-2009. Also did carpentry and wiring work that year. His photo shows him striking the new mast for "The Intrepid" with a chain, after which he ground it with an angle grinder and burned it with a torch. Just so it would look convincingly old.

Real Life: Knows Chris and Dave from working around Seattle in the theatre community, including designing sets on a show that Dave worked on and running the sound for the Seattle Children's Theatre in the Alvord Theatre. Is currently attending Tisch in NYC as a lighting designer, and we got him first!


Skeleton Life: This is a little unusual, but I'm putting down for a crew member...a machine. For my birthday in 2016 my sister Jen and my wife Maia went in together and bought me a 3d printer. This has been invaluable for making new skeleton parts. SO much faster, and better quality control for all of the parts we need to make our animatronics. I actually don't think we'd have a chance of finishing all of the skeletons we need this year if it weren't for Felix (which is what we've named it...Felix is actually the name of the company that makes it).

Real Life: I'm sure I'll use the printer to make other things NOT for Skeleton Theatre, but I'm not thinking that far ahead right now. BTW, the picture is a stock picture, but it is exactly what mine looks like.


Skeleton Life: Finnley is a very capable, hard working, fun-loving kid...and she's really made an impact as a backstage crew member during the last few years of ST.


Skeleton Life: ST-2009 was Jen's first year working on Skeleton Theatre. Built the rigs for the Kraken - lots of air movement to inflate cilia and giant teeth. Also soldered some of the many relay boxes used to complete electronic circuits to make things move. In 2010 and 2011 built a lot more electronic things - relay control boxes, lighting dimmer packs, color scroller power packs. She also drew the t-shirt graphic of the skeleton band posing. Oh, and she built the fretboard animation for the skeleton guitar players and ran the backstage part of the show with Case.

Real Life: Worked for Intel in Oregon, now retired. Sister of Chris.


Skeleton Life: Animation specialist, pneumatic installer, welder. In 2006 made most of the arms with Charlie, as well as installed the pneumatic ram sensors under the stage to move the skeletons back and forth. Designed the "nod" mechanism for the skeleton heads and welded up the prototype, later copied by Dave for the other skulls. Paint detail, skeleton dresser. Came back for one long and very effective day in 2011, getting Stu the Drummer's arms put together.

Real Life: Programs for Microsoft. Lives 2 blocks from Chris and just stopped the car one day to see what was going on. Got sucked in - akin to disappearing down a whirlpool.


Skeleton Life: Carpenter, and excellent cook. In 2006 worked mostly on logistics, getting people where they needed to be when they needed to be there. Ran the Skeleton Theatre household while Maia was outside on crowd control. Helped strike (take down) the stage. In 2007 more involved - putting up the stage and lighting positions and being craft services for build days. For "The Death Of Rock" ran the front of house live camera feed.

Real Life: Laurie is a local stage and screen actress. Works on school based projects in support of her kids. Knows Maia through schools where kids are attending. Married to Darren.


Skeleton Life: Came on strong in 2008, after showing up one day in her car and asking if we needed help. We always need help. Did lots of carpentry, including building one of the crows nests.

Real Life: Drives a mini-cooper, always a good thing.

Max (Lady Max):

Skeleton Life: Started helping us in 2010, doing some building for "The Death Of Rock" and then running one of the live camera feeds. Came back in 2011 for more of the same - including building the confetti cannon that shot leaves!

Real Life: Runs heavy equipment in the construction world.

Max (Little Max):

Skeleton Life: Helped with some of the stage build for "The Death Of Rock" in 2010 and 2011. We call him "Little Max" since he's younger than "Lady Max", but predictably as he's growing up he's getting taller than her.

Real Life: Son of Dave, see above.


Skeleton Life: After seeing the second year of "Pirates Of The Scary Beings" Michael volunteered to design lights for the next show (since our previous lighting designer went to NYC). Bringing Ann with him to help, and an ETC light board from the Seattle Children's Theatre, Michael designed some fantastic looks for the two years of "The Death Of Rock", and continued with awesome dramatic lighting for "Ulna-13". "Beyond The Pale" in 2014 is going to have more locations than we usually use, all of which need light, while at the same time he has to keep light OFF of the 12' x 18' video screen. We just like to keep him on his toes.

Real Life: Professional lighting designer for dance and theatre.


Skeleton Life: Graphics work. Sketched and painted the comedy and tragedy masks on the proscenium arch for the 2006 show. Helped with general build at crunch time near the end.

Real Life: Graphic designer. Married to David.

Rita: (not pictured)

Skeleton Life: A special shout-out to Rita, our dramaturg. Since we first decided to go with original material in 2008 (Pirates Of The Scary Beings) she's been giving our scripts a professional read-thru. She usually only gives a few notes, but they're always insightful and they always help the story along.

Real Life: Rita is a professional director who used to be based in Seattle, now, sadly for us, retired to New Mexico.


Skeleton Life: Lighting Designer, ST-2007. Stepping into the void left by Bill when he went to NYC, Ruth brought her considerable theatre and dance lighting background to the project. Copious notes taken during a listen through of the tracks made for a fantastic design that year.

Real Life: Freelance lighting designer. Runs the technical theatre program at a high school in Redmond. Worked together with Chris and Dave for several years at the Intiman Theatre, ages ago.


Skeleton Life: Sam, like his father Charlie and sister Brooke, is now helping with Skeleton Theatre. 2011 was his first year, when he came over and worked with Vincent on getting some stage pieces up and painted. Great to have the extra help!

Real Life: Sam's a student, and is the son of Charlie.

Steve and Karla:

Skeleton Life: Steve started showing up to help around 2008, the first year of "Pirates". He helped build the ships and then took a lot of pictures and video during show nights. In the picture with him is Karla, his wife, who helped Maia out with kid wrangling and front of house for the first two years of ST. They know Maia and Chris through their kids going to school together.

Real Life: Steve works for Boeing and his family has now - unfortunately for us - gone back to live and work in his native Australia.


Skeleton Life: General carpentry and stage work, painter, front of house. Arrived late in the process with Ken, due to having a day job in Los Angeles. Put the deck on the stage with Ken, and built the curtain and back wall in 2006. Spearheaded design of the commemorative t-shirt for ST-2006. Worked Front-of-House with Maia on Halloween. Except for when she performed emergency skeleton repair during the show (Boney's arm flew off...twice).

Real Life: Tina has worked on a lot of the animated movies that you know.


Skeleton Life: Vincent jumped in with both feet in 2011. He came over and helped for a few hours building and painting set pieces, mostly working with Sam, and then on the second show night he shot a lot of video.

Real Life: Vincent is a student, and is the son of Richard.

THE CAST of "Pirates Of The Scary Beings"

Real Life: In real life all of these gentlemen are fantastic professional actors whom I've been honored to work with on various stages in Seattle. Most of them have worked at the large theatres in town, as well as in Los Angeles, New York and elsewhere. Their roles in Skeleton Theatre are with their pictures. Unfortunately we didn't get pics of Hans and Brad when they were over recording so those pics are from shows they've been in around town.

Brad                                                Connor
Mr. Parker, the Dead Wisdom          Simon Chuckabone

Don                                                   Hans
Fricassee                                          Tommy Daggers

Peter                                                 Sean
Captain Black                                     Captain Blue

THE CAST of "BONAPARTE: The Death Of Rock"

Real Life: In real life most of these people are professional actors. MJ, Auston, Billy Joe, Khanh and Corinna are people I've worked with at the theatres around town, and Billy Joe is also leader of the band "The Dusty 45's". Basgeige was voiced by Dave, who you can see way up this page as one of my main co-conspirators, and Darren (also further up the page) voiced the interviewer on the videos. Kurt is the Artistic Director of A.C.T. theatre in Seattle and was kind enough to be our Narrator. On the musical end, Ian is a fairly major deal in the financial planner world - but is also a great guitarist. Richard has shot a bunch of video for us over the years and for this show played some awesome harmonica on the songs...he works for King County Metro and is the father of Vincent (above).

Auston                                                 Billy Joe
Stewart Boniface - the drummer           Nero Tarsus - lead singer

Corinna                                               Khanh
Eva - backup singer                             Evalynn - backup singer

Kurt                                               MJ
Narrator                                         Spur - lead guitarist

Ian                                                 Richard
Guitar parts                                   Harmonica parts

THE CAST of "Ulna-13"

Real Life: In real life these guys are professional actors I've been lucky enough to work with around town, and they did Great at the session! This is the first time we've recorded all the voiceovers in one day. Logistics were challenging: I wanted to record everyone at once, so we set up mics in four rooms to record eight people. That way I could keep good audio separation and process the voices differently for the Skelenauts, the Control Room, the Monkey and the Video Conference.

Scheduling was a BIG challenge, but the entire cast showed up at 11a.m. on a sunny friday in August and we laid down the show in two hours. If you've ever done VO work, you know how fast that is, to record a twenty minute show in two hours. It's nice to work with pros.

Actor names are in Bold. If you're doing the math and counting seven people when I mentioned eight, I was the voice of Nova the monkey.

Alban                                                    Basil
Dr. Glauben Totenkopf                          Maj. Steven Heartless

Allen                              Darragh                Brandon
Don Sternum                  Sam Vomer            Maj. Harvey Cartilage

David                                           Ian
Col. Jerry Strongbone                  Theodore Parietal

THE CAST of "Beyond The Pale"

Real Life: As per usual, I've been lucky enough to work with all of these fantastic actors around town (and around the nation), and they were able to make it over to do the voiceovers on a very short timeline. THANK YOU! This is the first time I've NOT had the voices recorded by June, and instead was asking them to come over in early October. Which is very late for me. So I thank them heartily for coming together quite quickly, and as always when I work with professionals, doing an awesome job bringing the characters to life.

There are two other voices that are heard in the show and do not have pictures here. One is Maia, seen above in the crew section: she did the voice of the receptionist in the beginning, and the voice of the "robot lady" counting down the rocket launch.

The other very important voice is one we never hear speak, and that's Corinna - listed above in the "BONAPARTE: The Death Of Rock" cast. I have to list her here because she sang the vocal for the theme song, and absolutely nailed it. I wanted Shirley Bassey, Corinna delivered.

Actor names are in Bold

Bob                                          Charles
Chancellor Manubrium             Van Blanco

Kate                                                     Laura
Katya Bonesacova                               Epsilon, head of the D.S.I.

Shawn                                 Tim
Mason Tanner                     The Thief

Dave, Chris, Charlie